The Most Badass Lady Thor Costume Ideas

Instagram | lyndsay_tank

Ever since Marvel announced its new Thor was a woman, we've seen lady Thors rule conventions across the country. Ahead, we've rounded up our favorite daughter of Asgard cosplays that you can copy for Halloween! Get ready — it's hammer time.

Instagram | carlawyzgala

This is some crazy viking hair. Love that the crown is clipped right onto her braid.

Instagram | designbella

This is a fun rendition of Thor.

Facebook | Lily Spitfyre

This is what we call a power stance.

Instagram | moony90

Lady Loki is no match for lady Thor!

Instagram | sborvjahn_dude

Isn't this cosplay by Toni Darling absolutely fabulous?

Instagram | dearybeery

Cosplayer KC Rikku looks gorgeous!

Instagram | misspiratesavvy

Cosplayer Lori Bloom is rocking some seriously amazing silver eye shadow.

Instagram | wongjp

Those lace-up boots are badass.

Instagram | lovelyekah

Seeing triple the Thor and we don't mind it.

Instagram | _australien

High-waisted leather shorts make for a chic, party-ready Thor girl outfit.

Instagram | skippyrulestheworld

Love cosplayer Anna Lee's take on chainmail armor at Dallas Comic Con!

Instagram | lyndsay_tank

Playful Thor is one of the best Thors.