DC Comics Should Be Ashamed of This Sexist Batman Shirt

[Update: Statement from DC Comics on the matter added below.]

We're pretty disappointed in DC Comics today. Apparently women aren't meant to aspire to be Batgirl or Catwoman or even the highly-intelligent-but-evil Poison Ivy. No, women are only destined to become Batman's wife, at least according to this t-shirt that is licensed by DC Comics and sold at Walmart stores across the country.

Blogger PJ Says first spotted the tee in the juniors section. She also correctly noted that Batman doesn't have a wife, and he "isn't the marrying kind." Secondly, young girls should be training to be something besides a superhero's housewife. "I'd rather her train to be the Joker, Penguin, or Catwoman . . . at least she'd be doing her own thing," PJ rightfully professed. You go, girl. As for you, DC Comics, we hope you reevaluate how you feel about your female fans. On the eve of female Thor's debut, DC better start catching up to Marvel in terms of gender equality.

DC Comics has responded to the backlash with this statement: "DC Comics is home to many of the greatest male and female Super Heroes in the world. All our fans are incredibly important to us, and we understand that the messages on certain t-shirts are offensive. We agree. Our company is committed to empowering boys and girls, men and women, through our characters and stories. Accordingly, we are taking a look at our licensing and product design process to ensure that all our consumer products reflect our core values and philosophy."