The Internet Is Mad Pissed That Ryan Gosling Is a Dad

On Tuesday morning, the news broke that Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling had a baby, and then hearts across the Internet broke — hard. Seriously, one look at Twitter, and you could just feel the pain. At least we are not alone in this tough time.

We knew it was coming, but the news was still too much.

Congrats to @ryangosling and @evamendes who just welcomed a baby girl into the world!

— Live 95.5 (@live955) September 16, 2014

Ryan Gosling is a father. I need a drink.

— Belle (@bonjouritsbelle) September 16, 2014

Let's take it back to when the news first broke that Eva was expecting, because things weren't any better.

In other news: Rumor has it Ryan Gosling is having a baby w/ Eva Mendes. Rumor also has it that my ovaries just died.

— Gabby Parks (@GabbyRaeParks) July 9, 2014

Eva Mendes is allegedly pregnant with Ryan Gosling's baby, so if you need me, I'll be crying under my desk with a bag of Cheetos.

— jenna nolan (@yeahitsmejenna) July 9, 2014

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are having a baby, and here's us right now:

— POPSUGAR (@POPSUGAR) July 9, 2014

Eva Mendes can borrow my "when Ryan gosling is my baby daddy" Pinterest board #brokendreams #babybabygoose

— Courtney Robertson (@bugrobertson) July 9, 2014

Eva Mendes is pregnant with Ryan Gosling's child? This complicates my future imaginary relationship with him.

— mama bird diaries (@mamabirddiaries) July 9, 2014

Ryan Gosling is Eva Mendes' baby daddy so, quick recap of the week, the apocalypse is upon us.

— Alyssa DiMari (@AlyssaDiMari) July 9, 2014

ryan gosling is going to be a father??? what am I supposed to tell my children?? "kids, ur dad is knocking OTHER women up!"??

— abbey cash (@ablitt) July 9, 2014

Ryan Gosling knocked up Eva Mendes? That child is going to be either the most gorgeous creature born or Gollum. No middle ground there.

— Amber Rozay (@ambermyself) July 9, 2014

In summary . . .

ryan gosling & eva mendes are having a baby. pretty much how rachel mcadams &the rest of the female population feels:

— taryn (@tarynkasper) July 9, 2014