This Teen's Hilarious Reaction to Wild Animals Will Make You Giggle For Days

17-year-old Jalen Brooks could barely keep his composure in his zoology class as he watched a herpetologist display different wild animals in front of him. "I already knew it was going to be nuts," the high school senior from Riverside, IL, told BuzzFeed. His hilarious facial expressions were captured on video by his classmate, Jill Lojas, and uploaded onto the internet. The video now has over 142,000 retweets and over 253,000 "likes." Keep reading to see all of the hilarious memes that have been inspired by Jalen's hysterical reactions ahead.

The video that started it all.

Jill tweeted a request for the internet to turn Jalen into a meme.

The internet quickly obliged.

The memes just kept coming.

Jalen's meme seems to work for any situation.

Jalen says this meme is his personal favorite.

Someone turned Jalen's reaction into a GIF.

His meme was turned into whiteboard art.

And t-shirts too!