You Won't Stop Laughing At These 7 Hilarious "Evil Kermit" Memes

Remember those hilarious Kermit the Frog memes that just wouldn't go away? Well, he's back — only this time Kermit is on the dark side. Over the weekend, the internet started uploading a photo of Kermit wearing a black hoodie with hilarious captions of the beloved frog tempting them to do bad things. Ever kicked ice under the refrigerator instead of picking it up? Blame Evil Kermit. Keep scrolling to see seven of the best "Evil Kermit" memes that will make you LOL and say, "Same!"

When you finally start saving money.

When you accidentally drop ice on the kitchen floor.

When you think you're happy in your relationship.

When your paranoia gets the best of you.

When you can't resist Chick-fil-A.

When you see a cute dog.

When you can't help but overact.