Facebook's Newest Offering Just Might Make You Want to Clean Out Your Closets

Update:It took only a few hours for people to start selling guns and babies on Facebook Marketplace. The company blamed an error for these posts to appear. For now, Facebook has stopped rolling out Marketplace until it can fix this problem, the company told CNN.

Original story: As if you weren't spending enough time on Facebook, the ubiquitous social-media site, is launching a new offering today that is sure to make it your one-stop-shop for everything. Marketplace, a space to buy and sell items with people within your community, is a Craigslist-like service that will exist on the bottom of the Facebook App. Once users tap the icon (it looks like a storefront) they'll immediately see photos of items for sale in their community.

The service, an extension of the sale function currently available in Facebook Groups, will allow users to filter their results by item type, price, and location. The location function can be adjusted to show sellers in your town or in an entirely different city. Once a user finds a product they'd like to purchase, they can communicate directly with the seller through the Marketplace space on the app.

Given how much time we spend weeding through posts in Facebook Groups now, the addition of Marketplace can only make our time spent there a bit more productive — or expensive, depending on how you look at it!


Watch a video of how the service works below.