Spotify Released an App Called Greenroom, and It's Super Similar to Clubhouse

If you scored an invitation to Clubhouse — the currently invite-only audio conversations app — you know how these types of platforms work. The premise is to host conversation rooms that users can join in on and even get a chance to speak in (if they feel inclined to do so), and hosts range from celebrities to financial advisors to health pros. Spotify is the latest platform to add this style of audio communication with the debut of Spotify Greenroom, but there's one main difference (which we love): Spotify's app isn't invite-only. In fact, you don't even need a Spotify account to download the app. Just go to the app store, download Greenroom, and get started. But before you do, here are a few more things to know before diving in:

How Do Greenroom and Clubhouse Differ?

Greenroom doesn't have the option to connect with people from your contact list like Clubhouse does. It also allows users to connect their YouTube and Twitter profiles, which Clubhouse does not. For those looking to create and not just listen, Greenroom has the potential to pay you based on the consumption of your content, whereas Clubhouse only has a "Send Money" option where users can donate. As mentioned earlier, Greenroom (unlike Clubhouse) is not an invite-only app, so yes, anyone can download it. Other than that, the two offer essentially the same thing.

How Is Greenroom Different From Spotify?

Greenroom is a whole separate app that you have to download from the app store — aka it's not available on Spotify. However, if you're a Spotify user it will allow you to sign in with your Spotify login data so that you won't have to create another account.