This New Meme Is the Internet's Favorite Way to Call Someone Out

Most memes don't make a lot of sense. They come out of random moments on video or TV, like the newest "Oh no baby, what is you doing?" meme. You might not understand it right now, but once you see how Twitter's using it, you'll totally get it.

The meme was unintentionally created by Vine star Nick Joseph and his friend Dan Rue. In a video Joseph posted to Twitter on March 9, the two are seen in the yard of New Orleans Pelicans NBA player Anthony Davis. Throughout the video, Joseph records while Rue does ridiculous things in the background. Throughout it, Joseph repeatedly says "baby" and at one point asks Rue "what is you doing?" Though Joseph didn't actually say the phrase "Oh no baby, what is you doing?" in the video, the internet stitched it together into a phrase and a meme.

See how the internet's using the new meme ahead and why it's so good.

Here's the video that started the meme.

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