People Are Trying to Take a Selfie and High-Five Themselves at the Same Time and It's Awesome

If you're alive and breathing, then you know there are all types of selfies to take. There's the regular selfie, a no-makeup selfie, and now there's the try to high-five yourself and take a selfie at the same time selfie. Yes, the internet found a new challenge to take part in and the results will make you cry from laughing.

The latest internet craze and challenge started when Seth Schneider tweeted a photo of giving himself a high five and taking a selfie. People were left impressed and astonished that he somehow managed to do it (and that he could've achieved the same result if he'd just set a timer on his phone). His tweet has more than 167,000 retweets and 424,000 favorites.

Today is the proudest day of my life. I successfully took a picture of me high fiving myself

— Seth Schneider (@TOSUBUCK) October 8, 2016

@TOSUBUCK I can't even take a good selfie and you're doing things like this wow.

— Alexa✨ (@TooLitLex) October 9, 2016

@TOSUBUCK I think I love this guy

— Marissa (@20MarissaRuiz12) October 9, 2016

Of course, people are now trying to achieve the same result as Seth (or do it another way) and it's pretty damn impressive. See some of the best examples ahead and try it yourself — and make sure you know what it takes to fix a cracked phone screen in case you fail at this selfie.

Some people think it's really easy to do.

Others are just supporting Seth and doing it themselves.

One person took phone safety very seriously.

Others are putting their own spin on the challenge.