Twitter Remembers 9/11 Through a Haunting Hashtag

Whether you were nearby the World Trade Center or sitting in a classroom across the country, you probably remember exactly where you were on Sept. 11, 2001. The tragic events that took place on 9/11 drastically shaped the future of America, changing most of our lives in the process. To commemorate the anniversary of Sept. 11, Twitter users turned the #WhereWereYou hashtag into a safe space to share their own emotional experiences from 14 years ago. Read through a few of the haunting recollections below, then visit Twitter to share your own.

Walking to my ofice in the South Tower when the plane hit. May not be writing this if I was on time to work that day. #WhereWereYou

— Patrick Varas (@pvaras) September 11, 2015

My dad's plane, grounded on tarmac in Chicago 14yrs ago. I remember waiting in the Principal's office for his call. It came. #WhereWereYou

— Josh Olin (@JD_2020) September 11, 2015

Arrived in Health class. Mr. Grace had TV on as the second plane hit. Asked him what movie it was. He told me it's real life. #WhereWereYou

— Dave Bogart (@thedavebogart) September 11, 2015

#911 #WhereWereYou Working for a newspaper that literally stopped the presses. And every time I designed new materials, the story got worse

— The Blockhams (@TheBlockhams) September 11, 2015

On the 23rd floor of the south tower. Walked down the steps & was standing in front of the bldg when the 2nd plane hit #WhereWereYou

— Roseville (@Roseville45) September 11, 2015

@ron_fournier #wherewereyou My grandson was born on 9/11/01. We watched the news from the hospital. He is our happy memory of 9/11.

— Dawn Fournier (@dfournier) September 11, 2015

9/11 - #WhereWereYou - I was producing it live on television for 10 hours. Numb after we went off air.

— ManofSimplicity (@ManOSimplicity) September 11, 2015

#WhereWereYou On the #2 subway. Got out Wall St 2 see the buildings burning. Near Brooklyn Br when 1st collapsed. Was covered in white dust.

— Andy Cohen (@ACInSeaford) September 11, 2015

In college, in math class. Our prof let us go early, he tearfully said this was a moment that would define our generation #WhereWereYou

— TheHeSaidSheSaidExp (@hesaidshesaidxp) September 11, 2015