140 Million People Watched This Woman Crack TF Up in a Chewbacca Mask

Mega Star Wars fan Candace Payne decided to record herself trying on a Chewbacca mask and ended up becoming one of the most popular Facebook live streams ever.

Candace took a trip to Kohl's and originally picked up the mask as a gift for her son. But when she realized how freakin' epic it was, there was no way she was giving up the Chewbacca face. While sitting in a parking lot, Candace tried on the mask (that lets out Chewbacca noises when you open your mouth, by the way), and the minute she transformed into the Star Wars character, she lost her chill and completely cracked up laughing in her car — she even shed a few tears (I mean, let's be honest, so did we).

Her hysterical laugh and excitement were equally contagious, because more than 141 million people (and counting) have tuned in to her video since it went live. We can't stop rewatching it — and you probably won't be able to either.