The Reactions to the Wonder Woman Trailer Prove We Needed This Movie

Ever since Wonder Woman appeared in Batman v Superman, fans couldn't wait to see the first glimpse of her origin movie. Well, now the trailer for Wonder Woman is here and people seriously cannot contain themselves online.

It's clear from people's thoughts on Twitter that it's about damn time Wonder Woman got her own movie. The best part? The trailer paints the new film as an epic one you cannot miss and will rewatch over and over again. Check out some of the best reactions below, and don't be surprised if you feel the same.

OK, the #WonderWoman trailer gave me chills (and a huge smile), @GalGadot is truly a goddess. Can't wait to see the movie! It looks awesome!

— Vajda Máté (@AlpesiRambo) July 23, 2016

#WonderWoman trailer and #JusticeLeague trailer back-to-back hit me like

— Indra Amirrul (@indraamirrul) July 23, 2016

I had to remind myself to breathe #WonderWoman #FirstTrailer

— Julienne (@_jouleyen) July 23, 2016

@GalGadot The most WONDERful thing I'll watch for a while, this is perfect. You are #WonderWoman .

— Lady Pendragon (@RoxyPendragon) July 23, 2016

It's our Time
It's DC Time #WonderWoman trailer is breathtaking

— J.Rafell (@Jemo009) July 23, 2016

Wonder Woman looks pretty good. DC beats Marvel to the punch with a female led comic book movie. Looking forward to this one #WonderWoman

— Robert McGregor (@stupidhaggis) July 23, 2016

Since I was a little boy I've waited for and wanted a Wonder Woman movie so bad...she's always meant so much more to me than most heroes

— Cartoons and Cereal (@BlckBolex) July 23, 2016

RIP me. Cause of death: Gal Gadot in the #WonderWoman trailer. 😍

— Emily B (@EmilyisGiraffe) July 23, 2016