These World Cup Memes Win Everything

You know that big thing happening right now? The World Cup? Sure, the games and the scoring are exciting, but it's the little moments that we're captivated by. Like the one time a Uruguayan player bit another player's ear or Tim Howard proved he's a super hero or Brazil took a beating. What's even better are the hilarious memes (and GIFs!) to prove it. Can't wait to see what else will happen as the games continue! Source: Reddit user Commandant1'

Perfect use of an Oprah meme. Ever. (ICYMI, this tragedy was the inspiration.) Source: Twitter user YourLifesTweets

Tim Howard blocks all the things. Source: Twitter user General Boles

That one time Uruguay player Luis Suárez bit Giorgio Chiellini, Italy defender. Chomp. Source: Facebook user World Cup Memes

Hey look, Robin van Persie (aka the Flying Dutchman) meets Flappy Bird. Source: Twitter user doglab

Grumpy Cup 2014. Source: Imgflip

I don't see it. Source: Meme Center

Truth. Source: Make a Meme

Yeah, that's a problem. Source: Quickmeme

Suajaws. So good. Source: Twitter user SBSNews