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Solo Travel Tips From Reddit

17 Solo Travel Tips From Real People Who've Been There, Done That

You haven't truly traveled until you've done it alone. Traveling solo changes the entire experience; stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing an adventure by yourself is unlike anything else. If you're planning to take a trip alone, there are definitely some things to keep in mind, and if you're an expert solo traveler, you'll totally agree with these helpful tips from a recent Reddit thread.

  1. "Don't keep all your money in one place. Have copies of important documents." — Reddit user ldzk
  2. "Have scans of all your important documents on Google Drive. This way, even if you lose any physical copies, you can still access them." — Reddit user hotbrokemess
  3. "Download offline maps of the places you plan to visit in Google Maps. This is particularly handy if mobile data access is of an unknown quantity where you're traveling." — Reddit user The_Master_of_LOLZ
  4. "Put yourself out there. Walk up to that random group of people your age at a hostel, introduce yourself, and make friends/have people to go out with. Traveling solo can be super lonely, and if you're an introvert at home, chances are you'll avoid meeting people while abroad too without intentional effort." — Reddit user PinstripeMonkey
  5. "Send a copy of everything to 1-2 trusted friends you can reach. Being locked out of your regular email can be a pain, and not having easily accessible copies can instantly throw a wrench in your plans. If need be, you can create a new email and have them send all your trip confirmations there. I've had more tech issues than any other troubles on my travels." — Reddit user Xcopa
  6. "Write down the info for the consulate(s) somewhere. Or know where to find the info easily, especially if you go to countries that are known to be a bit less safe. — Reddit user BonBref
  7. "If you want to meet up with other travelers, seek out an Irish pub. Pretty much every big city on earth has one and they will usually have English speaking travelers and expats who have advice on where you are and possibly will invite you on adventures. If life is a video game, Irish pubs are where you find side quests." — Reddit user Mr_Saturn1
  8. "Do your best to look like you know what you're doing or where you're going. It's all nice and good to use common sense but I've always found it much easier to travel when people think you know what you're doing." — Reddit user BonBref
  9. "Give yourself extra time for layovers. A couple hours sitting reading a book or getting a bite to eat is a lot less stressful than running through the airport trying to catch your next flight." — Reddit user CoolMondays
  10. "Look for a 'free walking tour' in the city. They usually meet in a popular touristy area at like 10 or 11 a.m., and then head off. Usually they are 2-3 hours long with a 15-30 minute break in the middle for lunch. They are 'free,' but you're expected to tip the tour guide. They can also make all sorts of awesome suggestion for dinner, shows, places to go, etc." — Reddit user somedude456
  11. "Whenever you go somewhere, don't immediately take out your camera to snap a photo. Take in the majesty of where you are and remember the effort it took to get there. Enjoy the view and listen to the sounds. Since you're with nobody, see your destination with your eyes before you take out your camera." — Reddit user IVTD4KDS
  12. "Give yourself a day of rest. You might think is stupid and a waste of time, but knowing you're kicking back and relaxing in a foreign place feels amazing compared to 'gotta make sure I do this.'" — Reddit user dsmei
  13. "Learn a few phrases in the local language. Even if you don't sound great, most people will appreciate your effort and it may open more doors to you." — Reddit user meiyoumayo
  14. "Don't book all your flights and accommodation. I thought it was smart to plan everything out but eventually you skip flights and change plans to hang out with other people or go to places you didn't know about." — Reddit user 4thegreenbeast4
  15. "Consider a hostel instead of a hotel. If you're not into sharing a room with people, you can usually pay a bit more for a private room. Make sure you stay at one with a bar, it's such an easy way to meet people and have a good time." — Reddit user ihopeyoulikeapples
  16. "Don't worry too much about loneliness. I had a lot of concerns about loneliness before my first time I traveled alone. In hindsight I can say that I have met the most interesting personalities and had the most memorable experiences of my life during my solo travels. Enjoy the feeling of personal freedom. Go and live the story you will be telling to your grandchildren." — Reddit user hanshumbert
  17. "Keep a diary of some sort that you can reflect on. There won't be others to remember the small things, and you find it much easier to delve into deep thoughts when by yourself for extended periods. It's like a mental pallet cleanse." — Reddit user Xcopa
17 Solo Travel Tips From Real People Who've Been There, Done That  originally posted on POPSUGAR Smart Living
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