Margot Robbie Promoting The Wolf of Wall Street in LA

Why Margot Robbie Was Barefoot When She Landed Her Role With Leo

Earlier in the day, she attended a special screening of The Wolf of Wall Street.

Australian actress Margot Robbie made a splash in The Wolf of Wall Street when it hit theaters over the holidays, and she's holding onto the spotlight as she continues to promote the film. She stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live in LA for an interview yesterday after appearing at a special screening of the film at Landmark Theatre earlier in the day. Margot also sat down with POPSUGAR yesterday and recalled the moment that she got the part of Leonardo DiCaprio's wife in The Wolf of Wall Street. Margot had just stepped out of the audition room and thought she'd "totally blown it" so she took off her "really uncomfortable" heels. Seconds later, she was called back in with Leo and Martin Scorsese, "very aware" that she didn't have shoes on, and told she got the part. Margot admitted to then turning into a "giggling mess" because of her excitement for the role. The movie is already racking up the nominations, including one for best picture at Sunday's Golden Globes. Make sure to fill out a Golden Globes ballot before the big show for a chance to win $1,000 to Sephora!