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PS: What should you not do when you're doing electrolysis?

RK: If you get scabs, you shouldn't pick them. You can go out in the sun — that's not a problem — and you can exercise. But never ever pull the hairs out. If you tweeze or thread or wax while you're going through the electrolysis process, the electrolysis will not work. You can cut the hairs, shave, use a depilatory cream, and bleach. But you can't do anything that pulls the hair up by the root. You can't tweeze, you can't thread, you can't wax.

PS: Why's that?

RK: Because when you pull a hair out, it stimulates growth.

PS: What are some of the most popular areas to do?

RK: The face is very popular. A lot of women don't know that a lot of women have breast hair. They don't talk about it, but that's a very popular area. A lot of times clients come in, and they're embarrassed to even mention that they have breast hair, but it's very common. Bikini line, lower legs, and underarms are very popular too.

PS: Anything else that we should know?

RK: It's an investment. If you decide you're going to have electrolysis, you should make a commitment. Because if you have a certain amount of electrolysis, and then after you start tweezing or waxing, the electrolysis won't work. You should be really ready to make a commitment and see it to the end.

PS: Why do you think it's a superior hair-removal technique?

RK: Because it's permanent. That's the main thing. I've been doing this many years, and I've never had anybody come in and say, "I'm sorry I did a certain area." Everybody always says, "I wish I would have done this a long time ago."

PS: It must be very rewarding job!

RK: I have made many, many women really, really happy. And some men too! A great percentage of my clientele are women, and it's really life-changing. People tell me all the time that its the best thing they ever did.

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