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Friends Thanksgiving Episodes

The Best GIFs From the Friends Thanksgiving Episodes

We learned so many lessons about life, love, and relationships during the decade-long run of one of TV's most iconic shows, Friends. That's why it comes as no surprise that every year, the Friends Thanksgiving gave us a hefty dose of wisdom and truth. Our favorite group of buddies always seemed to encapsulate the love, gratitude, madness, and dysfunction that all rolls into one big, crazy holiday. Since the holiday is coming up, we're taking a look back at our favorite Friends Thanksgiving moments and what we learned while we laughed.

It's Definitely Not the Time For Dieting

So Slap On Those Elastic Turkey Pants, and Disregard Naysayers

There Are Healthy Ways to Work Out Issues With Your Siblings

There Are Also Nonhealthy Ways to Work Out Issues With Your Siblings

It's Not Thanksgiving If You Don't Torture Your Loved Ones

Check out the rest of our favorite moments after the jump!

Sometimes, Really Weird Stuff Happens

Be Prepared: Someone's Probably Going to Air Her Dirty Laundry

Everyone Has to Be in the Same Room (Even If They're Fighting)

There's Always That Person Who Should Just Stay Out of the Kitchen

It's Not Really a Time to Withhold Your Judgment

Unexpected Guests Always Add an Interesting Flavor

Sometimes It Takes Just One Person to Say What Everyone Else Is Thinking

What Would Thanksgiving Be Without a Little Friendly Competition?

Shoot For Victory at All Costs

And Don't Be Afraid to Gloat About It When You Win

You're With Your Family All Day, so Let Your Freak Flag Fly

Remember, It's Not Thanksgiving Until a Dish — or Someone's Spirit — Gets Broken

So, Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Holidays . . .

Image Source: NBC
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