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Zumba Toning Full-Body Workout Video

Get Fit While Gettin' Down With Zumba

You don't need to be a rocking dancer to get a great workout with Zumba. Filled with Latin-inspired dance moves, it's easy to follow and fun! And now you can do our full-body Zumba toning workout in the comfort of your living room. Led by instructor Laura Micklich, who calls it "exercise in disguise," the workout clocks in at just over 10 minutes, and time flies when you're shaking your hips. Go to to find a Zumba Toning class in your area.

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Hey, guys. You've tried Zumba and you love it. Well, today we're gonna bring it to your living room. We have Zumba instructor Laura Midwich who's gonna take us through our class FitSugar. It 's gonna be a little over ten minutes long but get ready to have some fun. You wanna grab your Zumba toning space if you have them. And if you don't, you can grab a pair of your one pound weight. Today I'm here with Anna and Heather, ladies, are you ready? Yeah. Take it out, shoulders, one more time. Alright, rock, step. Let's take it to the other side. Left leg. Nice and easy. Take it back to the left. This dance is good. I like the rhythm. It's fun. Very nice. We're gonna go into a little salsa. Don't you love these toning sticks? Yes! These are fun. So we're doing Zumba toning. We're sculpting as we dance. Side to side. All right, ladies. Pull it back. Now let's balance on one leg. Work those backs, a little bit of shoulders. Row it back, shoulders, back, shoulders. Right here hold it. Powerful, come on. One more time. Now back to the beginning, drop step. Oh that's good challenge with the coordination and the shoulder work. Yes. I like that. Back to your left. Nice easy rock step. Take it back to your right. Getting those fit shake working the core. Yes. A little salsa. I like it. Okay, salsa. Let's turn those weights, working the shoulders. Zumba is all about music and dance. It's exercise in disguise. Aren't you having fun ladies? Yes! It is more fun to dance. Back to this, row it, lift it, back, shoulders, row. There you go. Okay, can we switch it out. Other side. Give me a nice row before you balance on that right leg. Row it. Shoulders. Nice. One more time on the right. Here we go. Row. Alright ladies, press it out. Palms are up, pushing those toning sticks out. Okay we're gonna travel Cumbia style.Take it in. Nice and flavorful turn. Take it to your left. Come on. Easy. Turn it clockwise. Here we go. Add some hips. Here we go ladies. All about those obliques. Press it in. Bring it in. Come on. Lean it. Squeeze it. Pull it in. This is great for the arms, abs. Yes. hold it right here. Very nice combined step. Take it to your right. Good job, ladies! Can we go into salsa? Side, center, side, center. Very nice. It's exercise in disguise. I feel this also through my gluts. Here we go. Balance. Yes! Two more on this side. Work it! One more. leg, ladies. Come on, row. And lateral fly. Row. Two more. Last one. Now hold it right here. Bring in a little squat, come on. One more time. I line, do it again! Wow . All right, ladies, are you ready for some legs, shoulders, and back? All right. All right. Take it out right here. We're gonna just take it out. Slowly incorporate that leg. Take it out. One more on this side. Push it out. And switch it out. Yes. One more time. And then let's just take it just slightly faster. Take it out. And in, out, other side. Again. Very nice. little balance here. Make a little squat. Shake it a little faster. Other side, come on. A little squat, mini squat. Yes, press it out. Bring it in. Squat it down. You feel it? Yeah through my quads, through my glutes. Take it down, come on Take it down ladies. Press it. All right, some flavor. Come on, give me some back right here. Four. Take it to the other side. Show me that flavor, Anna. Set yourself up. Do it again. Set yourself up. Nice row. A little dance around. Shake the hips. Row it. Work the back. Back to the beginning. Take it out and in. Switch ladies. Very nice. Press it out. Again. Can we add that mini squat? Take it in. Nice and controlled. Out, in, squat it, come on. Yeah. Do the quads a little bit more. Yes. Work it. Getting lower. All right. Cross those toning sticks. Press it. Hands on the quadriceps. Come on. Take it low. Press it. Keep it going. Come on. Back. Squat it down. Take it low. Come on. Make it count. Keep it going. Keep it up. Again. Right to the beginning. Out and in. Out and in. Now give me four on the left. Yes. Let's get the cardio going too 'cause you're adding a dance component. One more. I love Zumba. Other side. Cross it. Right here, press. Take it a low. Press it. Are you ready for some flavor? Oh. Press it back. Come on. Take it to your left. Show me some flavor Heather! Do that again since you do it so well. Press the watch. Pull. Flavor. Work it. Row it. Take it again. Last time. Row it, ladies. Here we go. Very nice. Alright girls, let's tap it out. This is gonna be a fun way. We're heading there. Let's start those shapes. All right, let's take it up. And slowly take it down. Take it back. Take it up. Here we go. All about the shoulders. Slowly take it down. Take it back. Let's do that again. Slowly take it down, nice and control. Let's do it again. Feeling these shoulders as I raise. Take it down. OK. We're gonna go into little shoulders and biceps. Take it up. Bring it in. Ready for some biceps? Right here. Hammer curls. Oh, yeah. Take it right. Biceps. How about a little salsa, Anna? Hold it right there. I love to dance Salsa, it gets the core involved. Let's add those on. Yes, very nice. Can we reverse those arms? Bring it in. Take it back to forward. Very nice. Now hold it right here. Travel up. Bounce it Ready? Nice, ladies. Shake it. Come on, take it back. Down to that. Tap it out. Keep tapping. Are you loving those maracas? Oh! Don't be afraid to have some fun with this one! Biceps. Shoulders. That's right. Little shoulders with a little bit of a bicep. Nice hammer curl. Hold it right here ladies. Nice and easy. What Zumba toning is all about. Strength training, body sculpting, and resistant training. Are you ready to do it again, ladies? Yeah! All right, here we go. Take it down. And take it back home. Full shoulders. Yes. Let's go. Come on, Anna. Take it down. Nice and controlled. Take it back. Keeps the heart rate up too. Yeah, take it back. The dance involved. Take it back. A very nice blend, resistance training and specific Zumba moves. Take it back. Ready for some flies? Here we go. One more on your right. Nice little controlled hammer curl. Beautiful. Back to your right. One more time there all right? Hammer curl. Here's your salsa, Anna. Yes. Very nice. Having that fun faster to fitness. Yes. Can we add those arms? Yes. Very nice. Well, let's take it the other way. Ready? Bring it in. And I feel this through my shoulders, my core. My heart rate's up. Yes, beautiful. Back to the other direction. Here we go, ladies. Ready, you know this. This is the fun part coming. Shake it! Come on Heather. Bounce it back. Very nice. Strong shoulders. Bounce it back. Hold it right here. Back it up. Beautiful, tap. How about some maracas? Show me those toning sticks. We're making our own music. Ready? Hammer curl, ladies. Yes. Nice form. Bring it up. Beautiful. Come on. Hold it here. Very Nice. Nice! Hey, that's Zumba time! Love it. Laura, thank you so much for that workout, Zumba is fitness and fun. You're very welcome. We'll see you next time on FitSugar TV.

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Nilian-Elizabeth15299420 Nilian-Elizabeth15299420 1 year

I love zumba but this zumba instructor was so bland!! :(

Marissa15297694 Marissa15297694 2 years
I love Zumba, but the music on this was so quiet that it felt like a regular workout rather than a "disguised" dance workout.
Jan3989771 Jan3989771 2 years
I can't get this video to load - help???
Sabrina2782617 Sabrina2782617 3 years
zumba is such a fun workout-- it feels like a workout but is fun! Great video! Will be trying this later :)
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