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Audrey14572331 Audrey14572331 3 years

You obviously haven't been to the zumba classes at my Y. Very choreographed classes full of people who have great rhythm and are graceful--and no fans running, because Brazil is humid (!! I don't live in Brazil). I am so NOT graceful it is not funny, and I trip over my own giant feet in a dance class. Zumba is extreme humiliation. Give me a step class or kickboxing any day.

Bridgitt14936523 Bridgitt14936523 3 years

I love lots of different sports and exercise stuff, but agree a live 60 minute zumba class is way more fun than the dvds which I have that are split into 20 minute, 45 minute, and 60 minute workouts. I'd love to do aqua zumba and zumba step.

Margaret15388252 Margaret15388252 3 years
I recommend to do the feet first and then add the arm if you can't follow all at once and if you can't move your hips Aqua Zumba makes it easier.
Susi-May Susi-May 3 years
Zumba is great cross training if you're a cyclist or a runner too! And @nikkisoda I really, really appreciate the dimmed lights.
Mayra-P Mayra-P 3 years
I used to feel self conscious about trying to learn the dance moves then I went to the class and realized that you just have to feel it! I'm a hardcore Zumba Lover now!
ezrida ezrida 4 years
zumba is great and I love it - I fell in love in first class. I don't have any dancing background and I wanted to learn the new steps faster. I have found a great way to do it with their DVDs. i have found a good review for these DVDs in :
nikkisoda nikkisoda 4 years
Great article! As an Instructor I'm always reminding my class to just have fun and I'm always offering different options for moves. I love looking around and seeing a smile on everyone's face. :) (I also dim the lights, seems to help everyone let go of any insecurities.)
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