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What to Do With Egg Yolks

5 Uses For Leftover Egg Yolks

Recently a friend gave me two dozen eggs from her homegrown chickens. Since farm fresh eggs are one of life's little pleasures, I didn't want to waste any part of these eggs. I also wanted to do more with the eggs than eat them fried. I wound up preparing a pavlova, a dessert that requires egg whites to create a fluffy and marshmallowy meringue. However, I couldn't throw away the precious yolks, so I came up with five ways to use them. Find out what they are after the break.
  1. Make homemade mayonnaise. Or better yet, the garlic mayonnaise that is known as aioli. Serve alongside steamed artichokes.
  2. Make ice cream. The base for most ice cream recipes requires egg yolks.
  3. Make Caesar salad. The classic Caesar dressing calls for egg yolk to emulsify the remaining ingredients.
  4. Make zabaglione. This elegant and sophisticated dessert combines egg yolks with sugar and sparkling wine.
  5. Make crème brûlée or any other custard-based dessert. Like ice cream, this smooth and cool treat has a base that consists of egg yolks.

How do you use up leftover egg yolks? Share your suggestions below!

Sources: Shutterstock and Anna Monette Roberts
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