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"Like a Girl" Viral Video

What Does Doing Something "Like a Girl" Really Mean?

"You throw like a girl." I'm sure you've heard that one before. Despite the put-down's cliché status, it is still in use and represents the negative stereotypes impacting adolescent girls. One filmmaker, Queen of Versailles director Lauren Greenfield, decided to do something about it. Partnering with Always, she set out to make a video that reinterprets the phrase and redefines it as an expression of strength. And it totally works.

Let's hope the movement catches on. According to a study conducted in conjunction with the video, 89 percent of women 16-24 say the words can be harmful. In addition, more than one in two girls say they experience a drop in confidence at puberty. What advice would they give their younger selves? "You're not alone." This video helps pass that message on. Watch the powerful spot above, and below are images showing strong women running, kicking, and golfing "like a girl."

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