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Always and #LikeAGirl Encourage Girls to Be Unstoppable

Encourage Your Daughter to Be Unstoppable With the #LikeAGirl Campaign

Does society limit girls? In another video for their #LikeAGirl campaign, Always brand found that a shocking 72 percent of girls feel that society does limit them, especially during puberty. The campaign, which champions girls' confidence and encourages them to break through the walls that society puts up, made an appearance during the Super Bowl earlier this year and is proving to continue to be unstoppable on their quest to empower and educate young girls.

In the video, girls are asked to write things that they feel society tells them they should or shouldn't do on cardboard boxes, which are used to represent their limitations. After stacking up the boxes covered in statements such as "Girls aren't strong," and "[Girls] can't be brave," the participants were encouraged to kick, push, and break those boxes.

As parents, facilitating confidence and encouraging our girls to stand up to societal representations of women is going to be what helps them to be unstoppable as they grow up — so with the help of Always brand and #LikeAGirl, join in the conversation and start smashing limitations.

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