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Are These Tech Trends Overhyped?

Jan 28 2011 - 3:30pm

Recently, VentureBeat identified five overhyped tech trends [1] of 2011, effectively predicting their demise. From the surge of tablets to Internet TV, here's what they had to say.

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PlayStation 3?

Thanks to the Kinect [2], the PS3 is called a "tweener doomed to a third-place finish in this generation of consoles."

Will Tablets Replace Single-Use Devices?

With the launch of the iPad and subsequent tablet influx [3], gadgets like the Kindle or DS won't be necessary.

Internet TV?

Google TV launched earlier this year to an underwhelmed audience, but some (Kevin Bacon, perhaps [4]?) are still holding out hope for big things.

iPads Will "Save" Magazines?

Magazines on the iPad started as apps [5], and now several new subscription-based models are set to launch with many hoping for great success.

Google Chrome OS?

After launching the public beta of its CR-48 running the Chrome OS [6], Google plans to release the public version midyear. But naysayers think that consumer attention has already shifted to tablet devices and users won't be interested in a Google-powered netbook.

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