11 Best Lip Oils For Hydrated, Juicy Lips

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As lovers of beauty products, it's safe to say there aren't a lot of product categories we haven't tried. Whether it's hair, skin, nails, or makeup, if it's being talked about, it's most likely on our radar. If you're a beauty aficionado, you're probably aware that lip oils are having a moment, and honestly, we completely get why. While we love any lip product, lip oils in particular not only make your mouth look juicy and kissable, but they hydrate and moisturize lips at the same time. We love a product that does double — and sometimes triple, if it has a color added to it — duty.

With so many options on the market, however, it can be difficult to sift through the many different choices. Plus, take it from us — not all formulas are created equal. There's a perfect pick for someone who wants high shine, as well as someone who wants a little added plumpness. Don't let your brain go into overdrive just yet, however. We did all the hard work for you and rounded up a few of our favorites ahead. Keep scrolling to shop the best lip oils, whether you're looking for options that will soothe your dry lips or a product that will give you the best color payoff.

Best Pigmented Lip Oil

Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Tinted Lip Oil ($20)

If you're looking for a product that feels like a lip oil but has color payoff similar to a lipstick, the Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Tinted Lip Oil has you covered. It's long-wearing, and it's made with jojoba and sunflower seed oils to hydrate and smooth lips. It's available in eight different shades that will leave your lips looking better than ever.

Best Budget Lip Oil

E.l.f. Glow Reviver Lip Oil ($8)

Although the E.l.f. Glow Reviver Lip Oil is only $8 and the least expensive on this list, it performs just as well as some of the more expensive lip oils out there. It comes in eight different shades, and it offers a perfect non-sticky, hydrating formula, made with good-for-you ingredients like squalane, apricot, avocado, and jojoba oils.

Best Long-Lasting Lip Oil

Clarins Lip Comfort Hydrating Oil ($30)

The Clarins Lip Comfort Hydrating Lip Oil will give your lips a high shine finish and light coverage that will last for hours. Formulated with jojoba, hazelnut, and sweetbriar rose for hydration, it comes in eight different shades so you'll be sure to find a perfect match.

Best Plumping Lip Oil

Kaja Juicy Glass Lip Oil ($18)

The Kaja Juicy Glass Lip Oil does more than just hydrate. The formula, which comes in four different sheer shades, also plumps the lips and makes them feel ultra-soft. It's made with vitamin tree fruit oil for lots of hydration.

Best Scented Lip Oil

InnBeauty Project Glaze Lip Oil ($18)

The InnBeauty Project Glaze Lip Oil coats your lips in non-sticky, high-shine pigment for long-lasting hydration, but that's not even the best part. The brand carries a range of fun scents and flavors, from Candy Apple to Fros, Merlot, Cookie, Fruit Punch, and more. Some of the formulas contain shimmery pigments while others provide you with that juicy, kissable look.

Best Lightweight Lip Oil

Milk Makeup Kush Hydrating Sheer Lip Oil ($26)

If you're interested in trying out a lip oil but you want a product that doesn't feel too heavy on your lips, we'd suggest the Milk Makeup Kush Hydrating Sheer Lip Oil. This lightweight formulation comes in six different shades, but our favorite is Green Dragon, which has a clear tint and a sage and peppermint flavor. It's formulated with hemp seed oil, sunflower and coconut oils, and camellia japonica seed oil, all to keep lips hydrated and smooth.

Best High-Shine Lip Oil

Gisou Honey Infused Hydrating Lip Oil ($28)

The Gisou Honey Infused Hydrating Lip Oil has a cult-like following for a reason. Formulated with Mirsalehi honey and bee garden oils from founder Negin Mirsalehi's family bee garden, as well as hyaluronic acid, this product is sure to leave your lips hydrated for hours. It feels silky and leaves your lips looking shinier than ever. Plus, they're set to launch three new shades soon.

Best Tinted Lip Oil

Summer Fridays Dream Lip Oil ($26)

If you want to add a little color to your lip oil, we'd suggesting grabbing one of the Summer Fridays Dream Lip Oils while you still can. There are four different shade options to choose from, each one better than the next. Plus, these are 100 percent editor approved. Read the full review here.

Best Splurge Lip Oil

Dior Lip Glow Oil ($40)

At $40, the Dior Lip Glow Oil isn't what you'd call "cheap." But guess what? Neither are you. This luxurious oil will leave your lips looking shinier than ever, and the cherry oil it's formulated with will leave them hydrated, too.

Best Lip Oil For Dry Lips

Fenty Skin Cherry Treat Conditioning and Strengthening Lip Oil ($24)

The Fenty Skin Cherry Treat Conditioning and Strengthening Lip Oil is a hydrating lip oil made to make even the driest of lips look more moisturized than ever. It's formulated with jojoba seed and rosehip oils, as well as cherry seed oil, to lock in hydration and give your lips that ultra-slick look.

Best Drugstore Lip Oil

Nyx Fat Oil Lip Drip ($9)

If you're looking for an affordable option that will give your lips tons of shine, look no further than the Nyx Fat Oil Lip Drip. It's available in eight different shades, including a clear shade for anyone who wants to steer clear of color, and it's made with vegan squalane, which gives the lips plenty of moisture.

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