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Squid Game: Why Did Gi-hun Dye His Hair Red in the Finale?
Player 456's Fate Is Sealed — Why Gi-hun Dyed His Hair Red in Squid Game
by Chanel Vargas
American Crime Story
"We Had So Many Wigs!" — and Other Beauty Secrets From Impeachment: American Crime Story
by Danielle Jackson
A Cozy Fall Starts With These Shoes (and Outfits!)
We're Craving a Cozy Fall, and These Are the Shoes (and Outfits!) We'll Be Living In
by Kathleen Harper
paid for by Koolaburra by UGG
Fox's Our Kind of People Focuses on Black Hair Culture
Finally, a Mainstream TV Series That Revolves Around the Beauty of Black Hair
by Natasha Marsh
Beauty Awards: 21 Best Latinx-Owned Beauty Products of 2021

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