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1920s Hair and Makeup Ideas

Even Daisy Buchanan Would Crush on These 1920s Street Style Stars

1920s Hair and Makeup Ideas

There's something about the 1920s that enchants us as beauty editors. Maybe it was the rise of the short bob à la Louise Brooks, the superthin eyebrows of Greta Garbo, or the vampy makeup shades worn by Jean Harlow. Recently we took a time-traveling trip back to the flapper's era when we attended the Jazz Age Lawn Party. The soiree is a biannual event that honors the prohibition era. New Yorkers come decked in '20s-inspired costumes to drink St. Germain cocktails and hear live jazz music.

Last weekend's festival was packed with fellow flapper enthusiasts outfitted in chic, retro fashions. The big band was playing, and the Charleston was the hottest move on the dance floor. As for the beauty, hair was styled into pin curls and finger waves under hats and feathered turbans, while the makeup was all about dark shades on the lips and the eyes. Find more vintage beauty inspiration from the street style shots below.

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