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3D Nail Art

Watch How 3D Printers Are Changing the Future of Nail Art

We've already seen how 3D printing has revolutionized the health industry and the way we eat, but now, we beauty fanatics are reaping the benefits. Film production company Ring and manicurist Hatsuki Furutani teamed up to create a stop-motion animated video showing off 521 different artificial nails printed using a ProJet 660 Pro full-color 3D printer. The video was painstakingly filmed frame by frame, in between which they attached and reattached printed nails to a real human hand. The result is trippy — and kind of breathtaking!

Posted by Urban HIT on Wednesday, July 29, 2015

If that's a bit too extreme for you, what about printing a custom 2D manicure directly onto your talons? The future of beauty has arrived — and it's pretty impressive. A Facebook user showed how she got a bespoke paint job by inserting her fingers into a NailStar printer and selecting a design. The machine then perfectly printed her chosen pattern right onto her nails. While we admit we'd be a little nervous to stick our hands in there at first, we are kind of in awe at the results.

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