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The Best Natural Hair Care Products

10 Natural Hair Care Products to Put on Your Radar For Earth Day

Truth is, the beauty industry doesn't regulate the term "natural." Therefore, a product can use the label even if it only has one natural ingredient in the formula. Crazy, right? No matter what your hair texture, natural hair care is a smart choice. Unlike harsh chemicals used in most shampoos and styling products that can strip your color and damage your hair follicles, these ingredients nourish and treat your strands without the compromise of effectiveness. Plus, think about what ends up on your pillow case at night and therefore, on your skin. That alone is enough of a thought to make us embrace natural hair products.

While there aren't a ton of truly 100 percent natural hair care products out there (yet), we found the ones that pass our test. These sprays, creams, and shampoos have eco ingredients that prove efficacy. Think quinoa protein for volume, avocado oil as conditioner, and turmeric to enhance growth.

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