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Causes of Itchy Scalp

Feeling Itchy? An Appliance Could Be the Culprit

Itchy head? Yes, it could be dandruff, eczema, or even head lice. (Let's hope it's not that last one.) Chances are, the solution to your scalp woes could be simple. All you have to do is just turn down your water temperature — or you'll end up like itchy old me. A few weeks ago, a repairman tinkered with our water heater to make it a little more effective. He succeeded, and I was pretty pumped about being able to take scalding hot showers. However, my scalp paid the price. You see, hot water takes moisture out of the skin, stripping the hair and skin of natural oils. Couple this with frequent shampooing, possibly harsh ingredients, and dry air, and you'd be scratching your noggin, too. Here are some tips to prevent an itchy scalp:

  • Cut back: Obviously, the easiest solution is to turn down the heat, whether it's the temperature of your water or the setting of your blow-dryer. If you absolutely have to have warm temps while you bathe, consider either wearing a shower cap or turning the cold nob up while you wash your hair.
  • Add moisture: In lieu of a daily shampoo, try using a clarifying shampoo weekly instead. I'm not saying to only wash your hair once a week, but by using a clarifier, you might actually feel as if you need to shampoo less. Speaking of washing, look for mild, scalp-friendly formulations with naturally soothing ingredients like burdock root or tea tree oil.
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oh-cecilia-baby oh-cecilia-baby 7 years
Thanks for posting! I've been having a dry/itchy scalp issue lately and I hadn't even considered hot water to be the cause. I was dreading using dandruff shampoo... I'll try out these tips. :)
ccboobooy ccboobooy 7 years
Wow, that's what's happening in my house. I knew the shower was way too hot.
NewLondonLuxe NewLondonLuxe 7 years
We actually see this problem ALL the time in the pharmacy during the winter. We suggest trying The Organic Pharmacy, which makes a lovely Nourishing Hair and Scalp Oil that helps ease dry, tight, itchy scalps. I mean, who doesn't love a hot shower!
Frenched Frenched 7 years
I do all the big no-no's such as taking super hot showers (LOVE them) and shampooing every day, oh yeah, and also blow-drying. :(
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