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ColourPop Amber Crystal Liquid Highlighter

Actual Amber Crystals Are in ColourPop's New Liquid Highlighter

Not a day goes by without news from ColourPop and, TBH, that's the kind of world we like to live in. After unveiling it was launching the most pigmented, metallic glitter liquid eye shadows last week, the makeup brand has now debuted a new shade of another liquid product: highlighter.

Unlike the shadows, this isn't a new category for ColourPop. Fans are already familiar with its collection of crystal strobing liquids ($9). Currently, there's amethyst, rose quartz, aventurine, and aquamarine. The new addition is amber — and yes, there's actual crushed amber in the formula.

Judging by the sexy swatch video ColourPop posted Nov. 6, the shade appears to be a shimmery taupe-peach. What's brilliant about the liquid highlighter is it can be worn alone or mixed into a moisturizer or foundation to add an extra bit of glow to any of your makeup.

The highlighter will be available solo on starting Nov. 9. If you can't wait, it's also included in the Amber Crystal Collection Bundle ($20) part of the ColourPop x Sephora collection. You also get a lip balm and setting spray in that set, which sounds like a pretty sweet deal to us.

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