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Dad Tries Skincare Products

I Made My Dad Try 4 Trendy Skin-Care Products — Obviously, It Was Hilarious

Dad Tries Skincare Products
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Macy Cate Williams

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As a shopping editor, I'm always toting products home to test out for reviews. So when I visited my family for a weekend, they were fascinated by the loot I piled onto the floor. As my mom and sister sifted through face masks and body scrubs, my usually uninterested father scooted closer to us on the couch.

An outgoing and well-humored guy, my dad (who goes by JP) pointed at a jelly cleansing ball with curiosity. "What the hell is that thing?" he asked. I explained to him that it was a squishy ball you rub all over your face to clarify your pores — his booming laugh echoed through the living room. "Can I try it on you?" I asked. Much to my surprise, he agreed . . . and his reactions were so hilarious, I was crying with laughter.

This funny experiment made me realize I should try more skin-care products on JP to see how he liked them. His usual routine consists of soap, water, and shaving cream, so I knew it would be an entertaining experience. Over the following three days, I tried four different trendy products I've been seeing all over Instagram and Facebook. Get ready to start LOLing, because the photos and "dad reviews" will leave you rolling. Check them out for yourself, and see if your own dad would dare!

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