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Do Eye Creams Really Work?

Are Antiaging Eye Creams Really Worth the Cash? We Consulted the Pros

Do Eye Creams Really Work?
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I'm going to be entirely honest with you: I used to be the biggest nonbeliever in eye creams or any products that have the word "antiaging" in their name. Eye creams have always reminded me of just thicker — and more expensive — moisturizers, and I thought that I was too young to need antiaging properties in my skin care. However, as I've built up my skincare routine and learned more about options to help keep my skin looking vibrant, I found out that eye creams can be effective in a different way than moisturizers can (provided you find the right one), and antiaging products work better if they're used in a preventative manner.

So as I continue to move forward with finding skincare products that work for me, I keep an eye out for what antiaging products and what eye creams I should be using (even better if I can find one that checks both boxes). I consulted a few expert dermatologists to learn more about what qualities to look for in antiaging eye creams, from important ingredients I should be looking for to when I should start using them. I'm pretty excited to start experimenting with eye creams and finding what really works best for my skin.

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