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If Fall Was a Hair Color, This Is What It Would Look Like

Why just channel your love of Fall through makeup and nails when you can turn your hair into the glorious transitional colors of the season?

That's exactly what Neal Malek, aka hair color extraordinaire, did. The professional colorist and Pravana Color Collective Artist created this look to mimic the shades of a sunflower, but we can't help but think it looks like the leaves of Fall.

Malek used Pravana and Brazilian Bond Builder, then went back in with a custom mix of Vivid pastel and neon hues to create a three-tier color. And we must admit, the outcome is truly incredible. Also, how do we replicate this hairstyle? If you live near LA, book in with Malek now as he's currently "accepting cool clients."


Chita Beseau also channeled the many shades of the season and created her own transitional look, incorporating green, yellow, red, and orange hues also using Pravana to create a mane that even Mother Nature would be jealous of.

If you want to turn into an autumnal goddess, see inspiration ahead!

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