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Goodwipes Video For Boob-Sweat Wipes

This Awkward Ad For Boob-Sweat Wipes Will Give You Secondhand Embarrassment

A recently launched body care line, Goodwipes, just released a video campaign promoting its deodorizing, pH balanced, and biodegradable body wipes . . . for boob sweat. The video stars comedian Lace Larrabee, who navigates through various sweaty scenarios with over-the-top and purposefully canned commentary: "Oil and boob sweat aren't choices you make. They just build up over the day, like the hatred for your co-worker who insists on having lunch outside in August."

While the video did make us chuckle at a few moments, it also made us cringe. The unrelenting focus on boob sweat feels a tad unnecessary — especially when the wipes can really be used to freshen up any area. It then becomes apparent that Goodwipes is founded by two men, Sam Nebel and Charlie Siciak, who perhaps aren't addressing this very real hygienic issue with the right tone. For example, their website refers to feminine hygiene wipes as, simply, wipes for "down there."

Are we reading too much into this harmless viral video, or is there something really awkward about it?

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