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How to Get All of the Lip Gloss Out of the Tube

Finally Use Up the Last of Your Lip Gloss With This Easy Trick

Regardless of how much you spend on makeup, you want to be sure to get your money's worth out of every single product. But all beauty junkies know that some items are more difficult to finish up than others. Lip gloss is especially frustrating: unless it's in a squeeze tube, it seems nearly impossible to get the last few drops out of the packaging.

About eight years ago, Michelle Phan shared this simple but genius hack that makes using up the remainder of your gloss supersimple. Here's what you need:

  • Mug full of hot (but not boiling) water
  • Knife
  • Small container, like a contact lens case

Place your mostly-empty lip gloss tubes standing upright in the mug of hot water. (They should be sealed tightly so the H2O doesn't contaminate the products.) After 10 minutes, the gloss on the sides of the tubes should have settled to the bottom. Now remove the gloss from the package. To do this, use your knife to pop out the stopper, which prevents the liquid from seeping out of the tube. Then pour the remaining gloss into your small container.

Yes, it's really that easy! This technique is a blessing for beauty babes on a budget, but it's also great for limited-edition product-lovers, too: you'll finally be able to use the last of that precious discontinued formula. Watch how Michelle does it above.

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