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Best Discontinued Urban Decay Makeup Products

14 Discontinued Urban Decay Products We Want the Brand to Bring Back

Best Discontinued Urban Decay Makeup Products

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A friend of mine once referred to me as a "beauty historian," and this was an incredibly apt description. I have been hoarding cosmetics since my early teen years and have kept the majority of my collection in pristine condition, packaging included. In fact, there are some products that I treasure so much that I can't even bring myself to use them.

Urban Decay is possibly my favorite beauty brand of all time, and I have sung its praises in countless essays for POPSUGAR. I proudly locked down the AOL Instant Messenger user name of "urbandecayjunkie" in middle school, and from that point onward, my obsession spiraled out of control. I've tracked down dozens of discontinued items on eBay and spent carefully saved money on the company's new launches over the years. Now that I'm a beauty editor, I get to know about Urban Decay's upcoming products ahead of time, so I'm basically living out my teenage fantasies.

In a humble ode to the brand, I pulled some of my favorite products from my stash in hopes that other Urban Decay junkies would reminisce along with me. Unfortunately, I couldn't find my beloved Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in Pyrotechnics (an iridescent sparklefest of a liquid liner) or Pocket Rocket gloss in Timothy (featuring a graham-cracker-like scent in the tube and a lenticular print of an undressed preppie hottie on the outside). There are definitely some oldies-but-goodies in here, though: all of these products are from around 2004 or earlier. Read on and take a trip down memory lane!

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