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Huda Kattan Tweezerman

Huda Kattan Just Released the Cutest Brow Collaboration For "Furry Women"

Huda Kattan Tweezerman

Vloggers, they're just like us! But actually. Huda Kattan, the genius beauty blogger behind her brand, Huda Beauty, makes us want to continue to follow her (along with 20.6 million other people!) thanks to her candidness. Recently, she opened up to POPSUGAR via email about her struggles with unwanted face and body hair while discussing her collaboration with Tweezerman.

"Being a pretty furry woman, I always carry my tweezers with me, and have a pair everywhere I go – in my purse, at my desk, in the bathroom — literally everywhere!" she said, adding that she had been known to keep the mini tweezers in her purse.

The Tweezerman x Huda Beauty Special Edition Collection will be available on on July 10 and in Sephora on July 24. The offering includes collector's items, all outfitted with Huda Beauty's signature lip print and varying shades of girlie pink. Expect Huda Slant Tweezer ($26), Huda Mini Slant Tweezer ($17), and a Huda Mini Slant Tweezer and Mirror set ($34). The standout product is the Huda Beauty Kit ($65), which includes Slant Tweezer, Brow Scissors, a spoolie brush, a mirror, and an adorable bag that is shaped like lips!

"I've always wanted to do a collaboration, mainly because I've been a hairy person for the longest time and tweezers were my first ever beauty tool!" Huda explained. "Tweezerman is a brand I've been using for years because the quality of the tweezers and products is honestly unparalleled. They were amazing to work with and allowed me to be as involved as possible when it came to the design of the collection, which I love! I really wanted to do the essentials in a kit, and of course, it had to be in pink! The lip print on the tweezers is the signature Huda Beauty print, and it was very important for me to include our gorgeous Pantone pink on the inside of the tweezers."

Since Huda is known for her amazing beauty tips and advice, we wanted to learn exactly how she uses the items in this partnership. "Besides grooming my brows, I also use the tweezers to apply my lashes, and sometimes I even use the end as a spatula to scrape out the last of my products," she noted. "The scissors are perfection. I haven't found a more accurate or better quality pair since I discovered them. I use them to trim my brow hairs and to customize my lashes – I even used them when I was designing my first ever Huda Beauty Lashes! And, if I'm super honest, I sometimes use them for random things like cutting off tags from my garments – mainly because they're everywhere in my house and the size is just so handy! The spooley [brush] is just an essential brow tool: I use it to brush my brow hairs into shape, and sometimes I like to spray it with hairspray so they stay put for the whole day."

OK, but Huda also has amazing thick brows. So we needed to get into that as well. "Grow your brows out completely and trust your natural brow shape!" she said. "Your natural arch will more than likely complement your face shape, so be careful when trimming your brows, and focus on enhancing the shape instead of changing it completely. I also recommend tweezing your brows so you have full control over the shape and can slowly create your desired brow look. Castor oil works wonders to help grow out your brows because it stimulates hair growth to create thicker and fuller brows (I swear by it!). I prefer to use an oil-based makeup remover when getting rid of any brow product as it's extra gentle and every hair is precious!"

But do not commit this one major mistake when tweezing, according to Huda. "Always make sure you see both brows in the mirror when tweezing them!" she warned. "This actually happened to my sister Alya once. She tweezed her one brow without looking at the other one and completely over-tweezed it, which left her with one thin, sparse brow. Had she seen both her brows, she would've known when to stop tweezing. Go easy and pluck hair by hair (even one can make a difference), and just remember to always balance your brows – they should at least be sisters if they can't be twins!"

Keep reading for a sneak peek at the Tweezerman x Huda Beauty Special Edition Collection before it launches.

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