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Jaclyn Hill Hints at Lip Product Launch

Hold Up, Did Jaclyn Hill Just Confirm She's Launching Lip Products?

There's no stopping Jaclyn Hill. She's launched highlighters with Becca, makeup brushes with Morphe, and an eye shadow palette that sold out in just 48 minutes (casual). Now, it looks like she will be venturing into lip products next.

When a fan tweeted Jaclyn a screenshot of a pile of neutral lipsticks and pleaded for her to launch her own, the makeup artist responded, "I got you girl" with a halo emoji. Cue freak-out.

That was it. No "coming soon." No details on whether it'd be a standalone product or a full lip kit. She wouldn't say anything, though, if she didn't have something in the works, right? . . . RIGHT?! Remember โ€” she spent over two years working on perfecting her Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette, so who knows how long it will be until we hear more. You've certainly got our attention, Jaclyn.

In the meantime, check out this new "nude" lipstick collection we're currently loving.

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