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Kim Kardashian's Pierced Manicure

Guys, Kim Kardashian Is Trying to Make Pierced Manicures Happen Again

Although Kim Kardashian certainly needed a social media hiatus following her terrifying robbery, let's face it, we missed her. Since her return, Kim has continued to test out unexpected and oftentimes wacky fashion and beauty trends — from her never-ending extensions to her penchant for sweatpants made sexy — the latest being her pierced nails.

On Jan. 26, Kim shared a video of her daring manicure with her Snapchat followers. In the video, she flaunts her silver acrylic nails, each of which has at least two hoop earrings pierced through them, while saying, "Khloé would be so proud of me right now." Based on her surroundings, it looks like Kim could have possibly been on set for a photo shoot, hence why she's rocking the slightly impractical nails.

Now, this isn't a new nail trend. Janet Jackson famously rocked the style in the late '90s, specifically in the music video for "What's It Gonna Be?!" with Busta Rhymes. More recently, various artists have shared similar creations on Instagram. Many of the looks are typically more understated than Kim's, however, other artists have shared more over-the-top ones, as well.

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