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Vintage Dove Ads

These Dove Vintage Ads From the 1950s Will Make You Want to Call Your Mom

Vintage Dove Ads
Image Source: Courtesy of Dove

As skin and body care continues to innovate with crazy formulas (like snake venom!) or unique textures (such as gels), one thing remains the same: people will always love their simple Dove beauty bars. Now that the iconic drugstore product is turning 60 (it launched in 1957!), the brand is celebrating its heritage by releasing vintage ads. And POPSUGAR has a first look!

Ahead you'll see how much advertising has changed since the 1950s, when most ads ran in print. Now campaigns can appear anywhere from social to digital media to TV and of course on printed paper, as well.

"Dove has been providing the same superior care and championing real beauty for generations of women since the Beauty Bar launched 60 years ago," Kathy O'Brien, the vice president of skin and marketing services, told POPSUGAR. "It is incredible to see this demonstrated through our Dove Beauty Bar ads featuring real women, which date back to 1957 when the Beauty Bar debuted as a revolution in personal care."

But since you can't go back in time, Dove is giving you something new to covet. The brand is releasing a collector's edition beauty bar engraved with the word "care." Snag it this month for $7 at a drugstore near you.

Enjoy the nostalgic ads here and then call your mom. She'll tell you all about women in the '50s!

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