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What Is My Skin Undertone? Take the Quiz

Quiz: What Is Your Skin's Undertone?

Find your skin undertone with this test.

When it comes to choosing the most flattering makeup hues (and especially when finding a concealer or foundation shade), it's important to consider your skin's undertone: are you a warm, cool, or neutral? How it works is basic color theory: picking the right colors based on your hair color, eye color, and natural skin undertones will accentuate your features and make you glow.

Still, how to find your exact undertones isn't always the easiest task. Unless you're a professional makeup artist, it can be tricky to tell if you're actually warm-toned or cool-toned (or somewhere in between). Luckily, there are hacks to make it easier — and they don't include paying a visit to a makeup counter. We created an easy quiz below to help you uncover more about your complexion. By answering just six quick questions, you'll be matched with the undertone of your skin, putting to rest the question you've been asking yourself once and for all.

Warm Undertones

If you have a warm undertone, it typically means your skin tone has hints of yellow, gold, and peach in it. This means makeup with brown, gold, and copper-toned shades look best on you. So if you're feeling stumped on eyeshadow colors to try, those are always a safe bet. It also means foundations that lean more yellow and golden will complement your skin color. With the latter, you can also look for the letter "W" before a number in the shade name.

Cool Undertones

If you have a cool undertone, you probably have hints of blue and pink in your skin tone. Equally cool colors, such as jewel tones in the blue, purple, and green color family will look especially flattering on you. Your best foundation match will also have a bluish or pink tint to it. To make it easy, some brands add the letter "C" before a number in the shade name.

Neutral Undertones

A neutral undertone is neither warm nor cool — it's right in the middle. This means that you have options in terms of colors. Every shade, no matter if it's warm or cool, will complement your skin tone. With foundations, specifically, you'll be able to choose either undertone family or go for the neutral category, which many beauty brands have started adding to their lineups in recent years.

How to Find Your Skin's Undertone

This test will help you determine if your skin undertones are warm, cool, or neutral — plus, we'll offer helpful tips on making your makeup color selections a breeze. Note: it's best to do the following test in natural light (so move toward a window or go outside) with a freshly washed face. Also, pull your hair back and keep your shoulders bare so you get a true sense of your natural coloring.

Image Source: Getty / Artem Varnitsin and Illustration by Keila Gonzalez

Look at the inside of your wrist. What color do your veins predominately appear?

More blue
More green
Hard to tell if they are blue or green

Picture yourself (or better yet, actually do it) in a yellow or orange shirt. How do you look?

Terrific — it gives me a great glow.
Not so great. Where's a blue top?
I can wear pretty much any color and look fine.

What metal jewelry do you prefer on your skin?

Either appeals to me!

Place a piece of white paper next to your bare face. How does your complexion look?

Pretty bad! My complexion is sallow and dull. Why did you make me do this?
Pretty good! I don't see any pronounced shadows here.
OK. Why am I holding this paper?

What happens to your skin when you are out in the sun without sunscreen?

I burn — fast.
I start with a tan but can burn if I stay out too long.
I tan.

What color flecks are in your eyes?

Golden or hazel
Blue or gray
A little bit of both
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