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Zac Efron and Eminem Blond Hair

Eminem Is 1 Reason Why Zac Efron Went Blond, and It Totally Makes Sense

A lot of people have made big beauty decisions thanks to the influence of their childhood heroes. (Did anyone else want to get a naval piercing after seeing Britney Spears's?) For Zac Efron, getting bright blond hair "as a kid" was thanks to him being such a fan of one particular rap artist.

On his recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Efron explained that his Eminem fandom made him want to change his hair. "I was a total stan, so I would just go to the store and do it myself," he said, referring to bleaching his hair. He and DeGeneres expressed admiration for each other's matching blond hues, and Efron detailed his experience with his current, lighter hue (which he'd gotten "just for life," and not for a particular role, according to an interview with Variety) as being similar to Degeneres's. "My hair melted off because of the bleach," he said.

See a snippet of the segment to learn more about Efron's hair bleaching ordeal, ahead.

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