Anya Taylor-Joy's Natural Hair Color Might Surprise You

Anya Taylor-Joy just got married, and fans are salivating over every detail of her nuptials. From her beige-toned gown to her ethereal-looking makeup, Taylor-Joy looked like royalty as she gazed over the balcony of the Italian villa where she was hosting the festivities. Her glam look recirculated a question that fans have been asking themselves ever since the star rose to fame playing a passionate, chess-loving prodigy on "The Queen's Gambit": what exactly is Taylor-Joy's natural hair color? If you've also been curious, you'll likely be shocked to find out it's not the deep copper-red she wore on the show. In fact, the actor's true hair color is closer to that of her character's in "Emma."

As good as Taylor-Joy looked with that short red bob as Beth Harmon, it was only a wig, and her natural hair color is in fact blond. Whether it's for a role or a red carpet event, wigs and hair extensions are a celebrity's best friend when it comes to switching up their look and experimenting with hair. Often when it appears as though someone got a drastic haircut or color change (see: Kim Kardashian), it's simply a really good wig.

In addition to a handful of colorful wigs Taylor-Joy has sported over the years (including a neon-purple number), she's dyed her real hair shades of dark brown, caramel blond, and auburn, but she always returns to her blond roots after.