This New Product From Aquaphor Will Change Your Skin For the Better

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I'm a pretty lazy beauty junkie — as much as I love pampering myself, I won't do it unless it's quick and easy. However, when the Winter wreaks havoc on my skin, I've always turned to Aquaphor to soothe and protect chapped areas of my body despite the extra step. Unlike lotion, Aquaphor is water-free and locks in moisture to skin. Every year, the ultrahydrating formula becomes a daily essential in my body care arsenal.

When I learned that the iconic brand came out with the Aquaphor Ointment Body Spray ($10), I was ecstatic. The spray bottle allows me to keep myself smooth from head to toe, without sacrificing a lot of time. Every night, I spray the ointment on my legs, arms, and dry hands before bed, saving me valuable time for beauty sleep.

As the weather starts to betray my sensitive skin, I know I'll be turning to this daily to keep my skin comfortable all Winter long.