Ariana Grande Cut Her Hair Into One of Summer's Trendiest Hairstyles: The Bob

Ariana Grande recently traded in her famous ponytail for one of the hottest haircuts of the summer: the bob — but that's about all we can tell you right about now. Last week, the Positions singer shared a short video to Instagram in which she was seen riding in the passenger seat of a car showing off a shoulder-length bob with '60s-style, flipped out ends. Grande deleted the video from her page about as quickly as she posted it, but obviously not before screenshots were taken and shared by many of her fans on Instagram and Twitter.

The cut makes her the latest celebrity to hop on the bob haircut bandwagon, and it's perhaps one of the bigger changes we've seen the singer make to her hair. Anytime she has worn her signature (sometimes waist-length) ponytail, it's typically a longer length. We're not sure what made her delete the video of her new hairstyle, but we can only hope that we can get a better look at it sometime soon.