Ariana Grande's French Manicure Is So Classy

Ariana Grande clearly shares our love of the Kardashians and their endless supply of quotable moments. On June 4, the singer posted a video of herself getting ready on TikTok using a trending sound from an old season of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," but it wasn't the perfectly dubbed voiceover that stole our attention. Instead, it was her classic french manicure.

Grande's nails were filed into a short oval shape that added a bit of length to her fingers. As is traditional with the design, a translucent pink shade was first used as a base to mimic the look of the singer's natural nails. Then, a thick white smile line was added to the tips of each finger and sealed with a glossy top coat.

French manicures have become a go-to in Hollywood thanks to their versatility. Since its comeback a few years ago, various offshoots of the original have taken social media by storm (see: the newest vanilla french for proof). The look is without a doubt one of the most wearable trends to make a return from the early aughts. With her star role in the upcoming "Wicked" movie, Grande is sure to give us plenty of beauty inspiration to save. In the meantime, take a closer look at one of her easier beauty moments to recreate below.