Pink Nails That Deserve a Spot on Your Mood Board ASAP

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Whether you are a lover of good seasonal nail-art designs or just like to keep your hands in tip-top shape, you can never go wrong with pink nails and designs. Depending on the shade you use, the color can make for a perfect "barely there" manicure, or it can have all eyes in the room on you — either way, its popularity lies primarily in its functionality.

"Pink is such a versatile color," Nadine Abramcyk, founder of Tenoverten, tells POPSUGAR. "It can be chic, feminine, and even edgy. There are so many ways to wear it for all personalities." While the color is very much a classic, there's a pending pop culture moment that may have you seeing pink nails everywhere in the next few months. "The upcoming 'Barbie' movie is having a significant impact on the Barbiecore trend," celebrity manicurist Julie Kandalec says. "Even after the movie has premiered, many predict the pink nail trend will stick around for a while."

Pink Nail Ideas

Pink has also been used as the base for other popular nail looks, like Hailey Bieber's glazed-doughnut nails and the beloved '90s supermodel nail that has been seen on the likes of Margot Robbie, Jennifer Lopez, and more. Additionally, it plays a key part in a few manicures that you may already know and love. "If you're looking to incorporate more of the color into your nail routine, you can never go wrong with a pink-accented french manicure," Abramcyk says. Not only is the look easy to achieve, whether you opt for any of the more traditional designs like classic or baby french, but you can also always take it a step further and add additional nail-art designs to show more of your personality. The creativity when it comes to pink nails knows no bounds.

Pink Nail Polishes to Shop

If you're now on the hunt for your new favorite pink nail polish (understandable), you're in the right place. Depending on your mood, Kandalec recommends cherry-blossom pinks like CND Nails's Backyard Nuptials ($11), neons like Lights Lacquer's Skip It ($11), and delicate mauves like Chanel's Daydream ($30) nail polishes. Abramcyk recommends the Tenoverten Delancey ($12) polish, a beautiful bright pink that makes for the perfect accent nail art, and its bestselling shade Anne ($12), which is an elegant ballet-slipper pink.

If you still need pink nail inspiration, take a closer look at some of the best pink nail designs that you can re-create ahead.

Pink Nail Designs: Pompom Sweater Nails

There is no limit to the pink manicures that you can get. Case in point? These gorgeous sweater nails with a glitter french tip and pompoms.

Pink Nail Designs: Baby-Pink Nails With Glitter

If you prefer a more understated manicure, try this pink nail design. These simple single-color nails are taken up a notch with the addition of a glitter accent nail.

Pink Nail Designs: Pink-and-White French Tips

Your french manicure doesn't have to be traditional to still be beautiful. Take this nail look, for example, that features a combination of pink french tips, hearts, and alligator nail designs.

Pink Nail Designs: V-Cut French Manicure

Pink also makes the perfect base color to mimic your natural nail. The cool-toned pink in this manicure allows the V-cut french-manicure design to really pop.

Pink Nail Designs: Ombré French Manicure

Ombré and pink just make sense. For a more subtle nail art look, try this gradient french combination that will be sure to feel soft, elegant, and classic.

Pink Nail Designs: Pink and Silver French Manicure

Pink can also add a special touch to a french manicure not only as the base color but also for the nail-art portion of the manicure. This look uses a baby pink for the french tip and accents the smile line with a silver glitter.

Pink Nail Designs: Neon Pink

If you can't wait for the summer or just simply love a bold nail look, allow these hot-pink neon nails to serve as a source of inspiration for your next manicure.

Pink Nail Designs: Various Pink Designs

If you've never been able to stick to one nail-art design, why choose? Take after this pink-themed nail art and opt for french tips, alligator print, and florals, all in one gorgeous set.

Pink Nail Designs: Multicolored Nail Art

Why stop at the nail art? Incorporate pink into the different shapes of the nail as well. This manicure uses a pink glitter to highlight the one fingernail that's a different shape than the rest.

Pink Nail Designs: Gradient Nail Art

Gradient nail art doesn't have to take up the whole nail. In fact, it can be relegated to a few fingers. This manicure features a light-to-dark pink gradient on the middle and ring fingers for a simple but stunning nail design.