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I Tried At-Home Brow Lamination For Fuller-Looking Brows

I Tried At-Home Eyebrow Lamination For Feathery, Fuller-Looking Brows

I Tried At-Home Brow Lamination For Fuller-Looking Brows
Image Source: Fani Mari

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Move over, microblading, there's a new brow enhancement treatment in town that's making waves: brow laminating. Don't worry, no one is going to come after you with a laminator (unless you're a fan of stationery, then that sounds ideal). The simplest way to describe brow lamination is that it's a semipermanent brow gel that helps your brows stay in place. Essentially it's like a lash lift or perm for your eyebrows.

The treatment was popularized in Russia, and you can find loads of brow lamination videos on YouTube created by Russian aestheticians. Now the treatment has spread to parts of the UK and major cities in the US.

Brow lamination is ideal if, like me, you have thick and unruly brows that no brow gel can tame. Yana Gushchina, cofounder and director of Brow Bar BBM in London, told me the treatment is for all brows, as even perfect brows might have imperfections that need solving like "incorrect eyebrow shape, improper hair growth, unruly, thin, or uneven hairs, or an undefined shape." According to Gushchina, brow lamination can help all of these issues.

Beth Camilleri, founder of East London studio The London Dolls, thinks the treatment is actually great for thinner brows, too, as it not only secures the individual hairs in place but the tint that's applied as part of the treatment also helps brows look full and fluffy.

"Brow lamination is a lift to the brows," Camilleri said. "The hair is chemically straightened and reset in a more upright angle similar to the effect of the soap brow." Camilleri noted that this could be a great alternative to semipermanent brow tattoo — also known as microblading — as it gives the illusion of fuller brows that are perfectly undone. "Brow lamination means no more brow gel, pencil, or any need for filling!" she added.

The treatment is meant to last six to eight weeks and, at a London salon, costs an average of $80. Because I wasn't sure if this treatment would work for me, instead of going to a salon, I decided to try it out at home (and yes, I know that beauty editors and brow technicians would advise against this if you asked them). The premise is the same as a lash lift, so all I had to do is find a good lash lift kit on Amazon, and after watching a few reviews and a few lash lift videos to understand the process, I was ready to go.

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