Becky G Debuted an Inverted Bob, and It's the Shortest We've Seen Her Hair

Becky G's hair appears to be getting increasingly shorter as we get deeper into Summer. The singer recently posted a photo of herself on Instagram with a bob hairstyle.

The hair look is an inverted bob — slightly shorter in the back and gradually getting longer toward her face — and is significantly shorter than her previous medium-length hairstyle. Though it's unclear if the look is permanent (it is possible that she is wearing a wig of the haircut), it made a second appearance on her Instagram Stories while she did a cardio workout with her friends.

Regardless of whether or not the look is here to stay, it is a huge departure from what we see on screen in her music videos as part of her signature beauty look — her long, cascading, wavy hair. Check out her hair changes from the last year ahead.

Becky G With an Inverted Bob
Instagram | iambeckyg

Becky G With an Inverted Bob

Becky G With Medium-Length Hair

Becky G With Long Hair