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Most Creative Colorful Makeup Looks of 2019

2019 Was Dominated by Bright, Colorful Makeup, but These Were the Top Celebrity Looks

This year's makeup motto might have well been "go big, or go home." Bold, imaginative, colorful looks dominated our Instagram feeds and shattered all previous notions of how we wear and apply color cosmetics. No longer is makeup purely 2D with the addition of rhinestones and textured glitter. Eyeliner has migrated from the lash line to the crease, and even eyelashes and eyebrows started to get a rainbow makeover.

Celebrities and their talented makeup artists seemed to enjoy the trend as much as we did, because every event and red carpet appearance just gave us more colorful inspiration photos. From Lucy Boyton's bevy of graphic eyeliner looks to Millie Bobby Brown's rainbow CD floating eyeliner, this year's makeup was anything but boring.

Ready to be inspired? Check out the most creatively colorful makeup looks of the year, ahead.

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